Create or find pickup games & workouts in your area!

Post public or private sessions, get complete session details, including who is attending, & much more.

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Include entire session details!

Create the event you envision, whether it's a pickup basketball game, yoga class, esports match, or any other of our 35+ sports. Create it for the public, or private, so only your friends or those invited have access. Need to include costs or workout details? Add it in the session description.

Easy to use
Eliminates hassle
Details all in one spot

Organization is key!

Creating or joining, know who is attending. Each user has a simple selection to make to inform other users their attendance status. Feel free to leave a comment if you're going to be late!

List of who is attending
Know if it's worth the time
Chat with other attendees
Use for practices, open gyms, & recreational sports


Who can see my session?

Sessions posted publicly will be seen by any user within your area up to 50 miles, if that user has the specific sport selected as a sport they're interested in. Private sessions will only be seen by those invited by the session creator.

How can I tell if the session was created for similar skill level or age?

The session creator is required to include the session skill level and every user is required to provide their age.

Can I edit or delete a session once create?

The session creator can edit or delete a session up to 1 hour prior to start time.

Is PassTime available everywhere?

PassTime is currently only available in the US.

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